Enjoy a sneak peak into this bold, elegant apartment, built in 1903.
The inspiring colour scheme is beautifully balanced, based on tones of dusty pink, deep grey and warm brass.Buster + Punch KitchenBy working with different shades of the same colour a dynamic yet harmonious depth is achieved. The warmth of the pink tones is picked up by BRASS details, here through the use of PULL BAR / PLATE.
Buster + Punch Kitchen
Buster + Punch Pink kitchen
Buster + Punch Interior design Door hardware [finish. BRASS.]
Buster + Punch Interior designTwo HEAVY METAL pendants [finish. SMOKED BRONZE.] fitted with BUSTER BULB / TUBE adds to the dark, calm atmosphere of the master bedroom. 
Buster + Punch Interior designDeep grey, dusty pink and BRASS [type. LIGHTING.]

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