Contemplating our own wellness can extend to all areas of lives including the health of our home. This means lowering the energy consumption of the home and being mindful when it comes switching off appliances which use electricity.

A great place to start with lowering energy consumption in any home is lighting. In recent years traditional incandescent and filament light bulbs have come under scrutiny for concerns over their impact on the environment. These types of bulbs use compact fluorescents which contain mercury, have a short lifespan and high energy consumption.

In 2015, Buster + Punch released the first designer light bulb of its kind; the BUSTER BULB, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional filament bulbs. Drawing inspiration from the Eddison filament bulb Buster + Punch designed a teardrop-shaped glass shell, housing a resin light pipe to create a crisp, clean quality of light.

The BUSTER bulb is fully dimmable and at 2700K, provides a soft, flattering ambient light. At 5W they consume just 1/20th of the energy of a conventional incandescent bulb and has an expected life of 30,000 hours. 

Since 2015, the BUSTER BULB / TUBE and PUNCH BULB / PUCK have joined the Buster + Punch LED family.

“These simple light bulbs (although robust with technical innovation packed inside) might finally get everyone to see eco-efficient design in a different light,”

Massimo Buster Minale, founder of Buster + Punch.