BUSTER BULB / tube LED light bulbIn 2015 Buster + Punch launched the world’s first designer LED bulb – the BUSTER BULB. 

London Design Festival 2017, sees the launch of Buster + Punch’s latest addition to this iconic range – the BUSTER BULB / TUBE. The bulb features an extended resin light pipe and elegant tube shape shell. BUSTER BULB / TUBE uses the very latest in Buster + Punch patented LED technology, combining a functional spotlight with a warm, crisp light reminiscent of ambient candle light. Designed as a centrepiece, this bulb looks great hung over tables, bars and bedside tables.  

BUSTER BULB / tube LED light bulbThe BUSTER BULB / TUBE gives us a glimpse into the future of what low-energy light bulbs might look like and how well they can perform – using just 1/50th of the energy of a conventional light bulb, this soft light is built to last for 30,000 hrs. 


The BUSTER BULB / TUBE can be fitted into any light fixture that uses an E27 fitting and looks especially great when teamed up with BUSTER + PUNCH lighting ranges. BUSTER BULB / TUBE is used in our latest lighting range – CAGED. 

CAGED wall 1.0 / large / satin black marble featuring the BUSTER BULB / tube LED light bulb


Finish: Crystal

Power: 5W fully dimmable LED

Light type: Warm White 2700K

Life: 30 000 HRS (or 27 years based on 3hrs/day)

Brightness: max 250 lumens

CRI: 80

Consumes just 1/50th the energy of traditional light bulbs